Conversation Assistant
Programme for Schools

CAPS is designed to place dynamic and creative native English speakers in Spanish schools as a Conversation Assistant (CA), in order to improve their teaching skills and student communication in English.
CAPS has been successfully running successfully since 2009, and has established itself as a leader in the industry.
Over 1800 Conversation Assistants have successfully completed the programme in more than 400 Spanish schools.
CAPS is organised by Home to Home, a renowned company in the field of education which has over 25 years of experience in organising a wide range of educational programmes in English.


CAPS (Conversation Assistant Programme for Schools) The main role of the CA is focused on increasing student exposure to English through motivating and encouraging conversation practice. The goal is that students improve and become more confident in their English skills by practicing with a native English speaker.

CAPS is a pioneering program within the education sector at incorporating native English conversation assistants into schools.

The Conversation Assistants are native English speakers have passed a thorough selection process in their home country. Special attention is focused on assessing if each individual candidate possess the; motivation, desire and commitment to ensure that they encourage the students to improve their English language skills.

There are different types of CAPS programme which are adapted to take into account the Conversation Assistant’s background, skills and experience and also the specific needs of each school.



One of the main benefits for applying to this programme is the option to live with a host family. By living with locals rather than other travelers, the CA receives an authentic firsthand cultural experience. If a CA really wants to give the most of themselves by spending time with the family, this is reciprocated, and it is usual that the CA forms strong bonds that continue after the programme has finished and for many years to come.



The CA is placed in a Spanish infant, primary, secondary, A-Level or technical school, and generally assists students ranging from the ages of 3 to 16. (There may be some schools where an assistant could be involved with older or younger students).

From Monday to Friday the CA is required to complete 25 classroom hours per week in accordance with a timetable organized by the school. General tasks of a Conversation Assistants are:


  • Assist in a whole class along with the main teacher to aid dictation, reading, and give presentations explaining about their own country, culture, customs, etc.
  • Carry out tasks individually, in pairs or with groups either in the main class or in a designated space within the school.
  • Help with any questions about the English language, especially related to pronunciation and forming appropriate sentence structures.
  • Assist with the preparation of classes or help to prepare complementary material/activities – for example; dialogues, quizzes, reading exercises, games, audiovisual activities, presentations, preparing displays, etc. and also help with the preparation (not marking) of oral examinations such as Cambridge (PET), (KET), etc.
  • If a Conversation Assistant has any other skills or passions for example; music, theatre, sports, etc-the school may incorporate these into other academic subjects outside of the English classroom.



By joining CAPS and spending an academic school year in Spain, each CA will have a unique and unforgettable experience which has many personal and professional benefits:


  • ¨Real¨ classroom experience. Learn and grow in a highly reputable school, surrounded by professionals.


  • Opportunity to really live as a local and experience life as they do. Make friends and connections, and have memories that will remain for life.


  • Which will make each CA who completes the programme stand out from the crowd in the eyes of employers. Taking a placement in a foreign country shows initiative, a willingness to move out of a person’s comfort zone, the ability to take on new challenges and adapt to new environments. These are all qualities which employers value.


  • Living with a host family who provide support in a safe environment is a great way to help a person adjust and settle in to their new lives in Spain.


  • A foreign language. Being fully immersed and living in a new environment, provides The CA with constant opportunities to learn and practice the local language.


  • To the lives of others. Each CA can take great satisfaction in knowing that they are not only providing a way for people to communicate in English, but also helping people to achieve their goals and change their lives and minds in all sorts of positive ways.

Each CA, independent of which programme they complete (CAPS/CAPS PLUS/CAPS PLUS*), will receive the following:

Monthly allowance & accommodation with a host family who will provide a warm, safe & authentic firsthand cultural experience

Free TEFL or Advanced Teaching Course & certification (6 ECTS credits*) provided by an internationally recognized Spanish university

Continuous support and feedback from the assigned tutor/mentor in the school and by programme organizers CAPS Home to Home



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